Performance Cycling Coaching KASK Protone ICON

$300.00 USD
Need a new helmet?: YES (Graphic Incuded)
Color: White Base


Thank you for choosing the Birdworx, Performance Cycling Coaching Design for the KASK Protone ICON

New Helmets: We do not keep helmets in-Stock. When you place an order for a new Performance Cycling Coaching we will place an order with KASK the same day. (Deliveries typically show up in 2-3 days).  

Once we have your helmet we will skin your helmet and have it set to ship the next day.  Please expect a 5-7 turnaround time.

If you already have a KASK Protone ICON, you can send us your helmet for a Skin Only Process.

Please ship your hemet to: BIRDWORX, 1035 Parkway Drive, 5A, Spring Hill, TN 37174

DISCLAIMER: While Birdworx have seen helmet skins last for years and removed with no damage to the original helmet surface or finish, some manufactures use a different finishing process which may not be as strong as others and find that removing a skin from your helmet can lift or pull-off the original coating(s) and or stock logos.  Birdworx is not responsible for any damage caused to your helmet when removing the skin (graphics) placed on your helmet.  If you have any question on the best practice to possibly limit any damage that could be caused by removing a Birdworx skin, please send us an email at and we will do our best to help guide you for the best result.