DV MTB Protera +

$49.95 USD

Size: S/M


 Welcome to the Desert Mountain Vista store by Birdworx

Before placing an order for your custom skin...please make sure you have purchased your RUDY - Protera + from RUDY using your Team discount code.  If you already have a Protera Plus you will have to ship it to us for graphic installation. (See address in red below) 

During checkout from the RUDY website please use the Birdworx address for the SHIP TO location.


If you have already placed your order with RUDY you can now place your order for the custom team skin.

PROCESS TIME - This time a year is very busy for us. Once we receive your helmet it will take 3-5 days to complete and ship back to you.

HELMET GRAPHIC - Birdworx is applying what we call a Skin, not a Wrap using vinyl sticker material.  We develop a skin specifically for each model helmet that involves different panels/patterns that make it easy for us to produce graphics for helmet that can be repeated over and over again allowing us to charge a fraction of the cost compared to a "Wrap".  This is why the base color of the helmet is important as you will see edges of the helmet base color once the design or skin is installed.

DISCLAIMER: Birdworx is not responsible for any damage to the original helmet clear coat or stock logos if the custom skin is removed.

We have seen skins removed after years of use with no damage to the helmet surface and is typically the case...but do not guarantee the will be no surface damage by removing any helmet skinned by Birdworx.